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Custom Framing with Lava River Framing

Lava River Framing

Our Story

In 2019, two friends, and framing experts Bryan and Taylor united their talents to create a framing company in a class of its own.


Bryan, known for his meticulous attention to quality, and Taylor, driven by his passion for efficient processes, founded Lava River Framing.


Their mission: to reignite pride and artistry in the framing trade by fusing time-honored techniques with tomorrow's innovation. Like our one-of-a-kind mobile Auto-Saw system. 

As Lava River expanded, Lee came on board as a co-owner, bringing his expertise to streamline our estimate delivery and oversee the finance department, ensuring accuracy and excellence in every aspect.

Today we're a tight-knit team of people who work hard to represent our Core Values and provide an exceptional experience for everyone we work with. 

From our inception, Lava River Framing has been dedicated to finding solutions over excuses.

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Our Team

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