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3 Ways

New technology is saving home builders thousands

Our hsbCAD & Auto-saw Framing System

Download our packet to see how technology saves thousands by optimizing lumber packages, increasing quality and reducing waste.

3 Ways

New technology is saving home builders thousands
Lumber Selection at Hardware Store

What's at stake?


The cost of lumber

Are you still ordering 10% surplus to account for inefficient use?

According to the NAHB "Lumber and framing costs contribute significantly to home prices and housing affordability."  


The cost of rework

Are you still paying for downstream rework because of poor quality? Everyone, including framers, are rushed to finish jobs on time, and on budget. Without a solid strategy, quality can suffer.


The cost of waste

Are you still paying for thousands of lbs of waste to be hauled away?

The Department of Wood Science and Forest Products found that a typical home will create over 5,000 lbs of wood waste.

What if your framers could help
INCREASE your margins?


Designing the build first gives a precise takeoff and can reduce the cost of lumber by up to 8%, making your project more profitable before the concrete is set. 


Our mobile Auto-Saw cuts and labels every wall component with precision, optimizing every board and reducing waste to almost 2% and pulling profit out of your dumpsters


Our Framers can focus on gathering and assembling the wall with quality craftsmanship. Measuring, cutting, laying out plates and human error is a thing of the past. 


We make it easy

Partner with 
Lava River Framing

We're happy to work with you to see how the Auto-Saw system can help with a more enjoyable and profitable build.


Trusted by Top Builders

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Lava River?

Framing sets the tone for the rest of the project. Shoddy craftsmanship causes downstream delays and frustration. 

We frame with other trades in mind so our customers, and our fellow tradesmen have a clear path to success. 

Words we live by...

Find Solutions for Success.

Not Excuses for Failure. 


Core Values


Challenges will come. We find solutions for success, not excuses for failure.


Personal and Professional growth drives us to remain at the forefront of the framing industry.


Clean framing, clean sites, and unmatched service provides peace-of-mind and confidence in our product. 


Collaboration, open communication and a commitment to those who we serve.


An intentional approach to preparation and strategy clears the path for our customers and partner tradesmen.


We'd love to partner with you

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