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Custom Residential Framing

Today's First "to do"...

...Remove "babysitter" from your job description.

Quality framing

The Wrong Framer
will derail your project if...

  • They need constant supervision.

  • They don't set the other subs up for success.

  • They cut corners to cut costs.

  • They waste your lumber.

  • they have never-ending punch lists.

  • They require rework.

We find solutions for SUCCESS.
Not excuses for Failure.

How We Can Help

Contractor Portal

We proactively update your Contractor Portal with progress photos, project updates and more.

Framing Expertise

We're on a mission to develop elite craftsmen, giving you peace of mind the job is done right.

Clean, Quality Framing

Your customers will love the clean job site.

Your subs will love the clean framing

New framing technology cuts costs

We're the only Framers

who use CAD designs and a mobile Auto-Saw to save on materials, increase quality

and reduce waste. 

What our Customers Say

"It feels good to not have to babysit the framers. I know if something comes up your guys will let me know and work with us to find a solution."

Justin Schellenberg

Bell Mountain Builders

"They are fast but do a quality job, leaving the site clean and ready for the other trades to start their work."

Carl Ahlberg

Priority Homes

"If you want high-quality work with a superb crew, Lava River Framing is the way to go!

Eric Balassz

Mountain Vista Homes

Lava River Framing Residential and Commercial

Trusted by Top Builders

Review our Work

We'll make it easy


Lava River?

Framing sets the tone for the rest of the project. Shoddy craftsmanship causes downstream delays and frustration. 

We frame with other trades in mind so our customers, and our fellow tradesmen have a clear path to success. 

Words we live by...

Find Solutions for Success.

Not Excuses for Failure. 

Quality Residential Framing with Lava River

Core Values


Challenges will come. We find solutions for success, not excuses for failure.


Personal and Professional growth drives us to remain at the forefront of the framing industry.


Clean framing, clean sites, and unmatched service provides peace-of-mind and confidence in our product. 


Collaboration, open communication and a commitment to those who we serve.


An intentional approach to preparation and strategy clears the path for our customers and partner tradesmen.


We'd love to work with you

Contact Us

For any inquiries or questions, please call us at 385-224-1864 or fill out the following form


770 E Main St, #142 Lehi Ut. 84043 385-224-1864

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